Linda Woolston

Recognising what energises you and what doesn’t, can unleash so much.

Through a grounded and practical approach combined with enthusiasm, deep listening, strategic vision and creativity, Linda enables coaching clients to fully realise their strengths and potential. She helps them generate new possibilities and arrive at practical solutions and insights for themselves and their businesses.  

Linda had a successful career in HR, where she was known for her commercial and strategic contribution at Board level and for her focus on Board effectiveness.  She has considerable experience as a business coach.  Her strengths include generating ideas, creating new connections between people, quickly understanding the big picture and business strategy, and the ability to tell and share relevant stories.  

Linda is driven to make a difference to individual clients, teams and organisations and to help important causes through her pro bono work.

Linda’s coaching work is typically with business leaders and executive team members.  She also very much enjoys working with younger people with high potential and is energised by our innovative Power Coaching Days which are typically open to anyone from the client organisation.

Linda thrives on variety in her work and her leisure interests, which include painting, travel, theatre, playing the piano and walking.  She’s a passionate Sunderland football supporter, ‘which’, she says, ‘has its highs and lows.’  Linda also enjoys the stimulation of living in two cities: London and Cape Town.

Linda’s story

‘Before training as an executive coach, I spent 20 enjoyable years in HR, including eight at Board level and three as HR Director of RAC Motoring Services, where my responsibilities included facilitating Board strategy events and Board effectiveness.  Other former roles include Founder Director of We Are What We Do (creators of the best-selling book Change the World for a Fiver), Non-executive Director of a timber company and Director of the Centre of Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP).  I also do a substantial amount of pro bono work. I served as a Business Supporter of Community Links for over 25 years and have coached the Heads of several registered charities. I have over 16 years’ experience as a coach, working across multiple sectors, including: publishing, television, legal, financial services, engineering, not-for-profit and political.’



I know this by heart

A strength is something you’re good at and that also gives you energy. So just knowing the difference between what energises us and what doesn’t is in every sense vital.

What Linda’s clients say

I get so much more pleasure out of my job

‘Linda has been immensely invaluable to my personal development as I have progressed through management and leadership roles.  She has helped me work out my priorities and suggested innovative approaches and ideas.  Linda has been a strategic sounding board on long term as well as immediate leadership and management challenges.  She is a superb listener as well as giver of guidance.  She has a wealth of experience and is clearly used to working with a huge variety of people – a real role model.  One of the most valuable areas for me is that she has helped me focus on the areas of my job that I most enjoy.  I get so much more pleasure out of my job as a result.’

Law firm

Linda’s credentials

  • BA (Honours) degree in Business Studies, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Meyler Campbell Business Coach, accredited by WABC, EMCC, AC
  • MBTI; Strengths Profile; Mindfulness for Coaches; The Thinking Partnership (Nancy Kline)
  • British Psychological Society – member of Special Group in Coaching Psychology
  • Continuing professional development programmes, including coaching supervision