Eleanor McBrien

It’s hard work, but it’s dynamic – and the process of transformation begins on day one.

Coaching can be empowering and transformational, and it can also be challenging. Supporting clients through the challenge is something Eleanor relishes, along with the total mutual trust that characterises all effective coaching relationships. Eleanor enjoys working with clients creatively, helping them cut a path through the trees to the truths that only sharp thinking can bring to light, while always remaining focused on real world results.

Eleanor’s two decades of experience working with leading consumer brands across the financial, media and entertainment industries have shown her the importance of answering the four fundamental questions around: position, offering, strategic planning, and, critically, people. Her experience leading global business teams and boards has led her to understand the vital importance of a happy and fulfilled work force.

This influences Eleanor’s coaching style, which combines support and challenge with a good dose of humour. She remains fascinated by our capacity to retrain our thinking and behaviour and believes that facing difficult questions leads to the most valuable insights. When you work with Eleanor, you’ll be encouraged to be at your most courageous.

Eleanor’s story

‘My career has spanned over 20 years in media and entertainment businesses, including nine years with NBC Universal. I served as Managing Director of NBC Universal’s UK television channels business, which included launching channels into Europe, followed by becoming Global Vice President of Marketing and Creative Services, where I redeveloped and relaunched the channel brands portfolio. In 2012, I founded my own consultancy, before joining The Alliance in 2016. I’ve worked with business leaders facing issues of change, re-positioning and intense competition, leading a broad range of high-level strategic and creative projects for powerful brands, such as The Beano, Doctor Who, the BBC and J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore. I’m enthusiastic about the arts and serve as Chair of Trustees for MGSO4, a grassroots local charity, which works to put the creative arts at the centre of the community.’



I know this by heart

‘My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.' Maya Angelou

What Eleanor’s clients say

Exercise for the mind

‘Sessions with Eleanor have been a revelation to me.  She can cut through an outpouring of waffle, give a really succinct overview of the key points and has helped me to focus on what’s important.  Sessions are exercise for the mind, in a good way, and I always leave feeling really motivated.’

Client Services Director
Digital Agency

Clearer path to progress

‘Eleanor combines sharp and incisive insight with an emotionally intelligent reading of how I overcome blocks and find clearer paths to progress.  Her approach is warm and considered, and layered with brilliant observations and ideas that are both motivating and stimulating.  She has real depth, able to adapt and offer expert analysis whatever I bring to the table.  Over the course of my sessions with Eleanor the fog has lifted.  A huge knot has been untangled.’

Senior Vice President
Worldwide Broadcaster

Eleanor’s credentials

  • Joint Major BA in Marketing and Visual Arts, Lancaster
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, CIM DipM
  • Meyler Campbell Mastered Programme, accredited by WABC, EMCC, AC
  • MBTI, BeTalent accreditation
  • Continuing professional development programmes, including coaching supervision