Rif Malik

If you create the right conditions, and build clarity, success is inevitable.

Rif is not your average coach.  His unique approach supercharges his clients’ opportunities to reach their full potential.

Over a career spanning more than 20 years both in the fields of medicine and business, he has honed the skill of being able to truly listen non-judgementally.  His clients experience a combination of space to think, partnered with intelligent questioning, curiosity and compassion.

Rif has a special interest in health and wellness and its integration with high performance in organisations.  He has genuine expertise in areas such as energy management, recovery, and cognitive health.

As a seasoned business coach, Rif brings this distinctive perspective to his work with partners, directors and high potentials at global financial, law, and professional serviced organisations.  This builds on his other corporate work which has ranged from advising digital health SMEs to consulting for a Big Four professional service company.

His coaching blends his professional experience with empathy, warmth and passion to challenge people to get the best out of themselves.  To push on and achieve more.

Rif's story

‘As a consultant physician in preventative health and wellness, I learnt that advice and tools were not enough to help patients meet their health goals.  I achieved my greatest successes with patients when I employed a coaching approach to ensure my patients took ownership and responsibility for their own outcomes.

I also enjoyed coaching senior medical doctors and leaders, particularly around the topics of strategy, influencing, and productivity.  I was involved in regional and national change management and strategy projects, both within the NHS and the private sector.

I noticed that many leaders and teams were experiencing a chronic lack of headspace, clouding their clarity and judgement.  I found my background placed me in a unique position to help, to make a significant difference to their outcomes.’



I know this by heart

‘Start with the end in mind.’ Stephen Covey

What Rif's clients say

Building perspective and self-awareness to increase organisational value

‘I got a sense of perspective, a greater sense of self-awareness, a broader view of what it is I do and an understanding of my position in the organisation.  The penny has dropped that at my age and in my position, I need to adjust my focus onto what it is I can bring that is valuable to the law firm, which is not necessarily doing lots of detailed legal work.’

Global Law Firm

Challenging my thinking and identifying my core strengths

‘As a coach, I feel Rif is a great listener but is not afraid to throw in a challenge.  I feel he got to know me and established rapport quickly.  I felt safe to discuss personal as well as work issues confidentially.  I enjoyed the personal elements and humour he shared at our meetings.  In these sessions I felt safe to explore my opinions and options and empowered to take forward my ideas.  Rif helped me to explore and recognise my strengths and think of ways to best use these in leadership.  Developing a clear understanding of myself has helped to guide me onto a development path I feel is right for me.’

Medical Leader

Rif's Credentials

  • BSc (Intercalated) Physiology, University of London
  • MBBS Medicine, University of London
  • Fellow of Royal College of Physicians, London
  • Meyler Campbell Business Coach, accredited by WABC, EMCC, AC
  • Continuing professional development programmes, including coaching supervision