Client Stories

What a difference a Power Coaching Day makes

We have had a wonderful partnership with Fremantle for over 10 years. They are one of the leading independent TV production companies operating in over 40 territories with shows such as Neighbours, The Apprentice, X Factor and Deutschland 83. The business and leadership has experienced considerable change during that time and we have been alongside them to support their thinking and success.

‘I have come out of the sessions so motivated and enlightened with ideas I never knew I had.’

What have we done together?

  • Supported Board members and senior leaders via 1:1 coaching in their strategic thinking; leadership of change; their learning and development and transition to new or changing roles
  • Delivered 360° feedback to the Board and leaders of a territory to increase self-awareness; facilitate deeper conversations and contribute to personal development plans
  • Through a coaching-led mediation approach facilitated greater understanding between colleagues leading to more effective working relationships
  • Delivered team events to enable the team members to understand one another better and work more effectively together; including using the CAPP Strengths Profile to align strengths to strategic goals
  • We are particularly proud of the contribution we have made through the introduction of our Power Coaching Days 

How did the Power Coaching Day come about?

What started as an experimental idea to support the Global Creative talent at a conference has led to us delivering monthly Power Coaching Days for over seven years. Typically, with most of our clients we are working with senior people; but in the Power Coaching Days it is different – anyone is welcome from intern to Managing Director. We have two coaches delivering six one hour sessions in a day. It is incredibly rewarding and constantly surprising as to what can be achieved in only one hour.

What did the clients say?

‘We have held monthly Coaching Days for several years and regard them as an important investment in our people. The Coaching Days are open to everyone and they have a fantastic reputation. It’s a creative approach that enables a lot of people to experience the tangible benefits of coaching conversations.’

Nicky Gray, HR Director Fremantle


‘I found the coaching experience both challenging and rewarding; in terms of challenging, how I see the world / a situation, and rewarding in terms of what I have learned about me, and I suppose realising that I do have potential. I think your style in the sessions has been spot on, directive when needed, challenging, reflective and I wanted to say a big thank you as you journeyed with me through one of the most turbulent leadership changes I have experienced.

One to one coaching client


‘I’ve had two sessions now and I just wanted to feedback about how fantastic the coach is.  I have come out of the sessions so motivated and enlightened with ideas I never knew I had. I find the sessions so valuable, as I’m sure everyone else does. The fact that Fremantle sort this out is such a perk – it’s amazing. Thank you.’

Power Coaching Day client